Who Sang Dark Sky? Tactical Sekt

Tactical Sekt Syncope cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2006-4-28
length: 5:51
Look up at the heavens above
I know there's so much more
Blinded by men made light
The stars above were there before
My father took me by the hand
And showed me the wonders of the sky
Explored the depths of outer s***e
Time travel with the naked eye

We destroy the earth
Sell her out for gold and oil
We erased the stars in heaven
Allowed our once dark sky to spoil
A synthetic amber glow of ignorance
Cancels out my beloved stars
I once saw constellations infinite
How my s***e bares human scars

I can't see the light that hides in the dark
I am blinded by light that destroys the night
Turn the night in to day I can't see heaven this way
I want my children to see what I saw
What I saw
What I now can't see

CD 1
  • 1 Syncope
  • 2 Dark Sky
  • 3 American Me
  • 4 Awaken the Ghost (Final Awakening)
  • 5 Waiting for the World to End
  • 6 Bring Me Violence
  • 7 Not Going to Work That Way
  • 8 Chosen One
  • 9 4 Steps to Dysfunction
  • 10 Not Entertained
  • 11 Beslan
  • 12 You're Fired
    CD 2
  • 1 Enslaved Existence
  • 2 Siege Engine
  • 3 Fleshcoated Technology
  • 4 Rudimentary Abhoratien
  • 5 Shadow Crawler
  • 6 Future Dead
  • 7 Dead Bodies
  • 8 Stone Hard Agony