Who Sang Alternative? Tagada Jones

Tagada Jones 6.6.6 cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2007-2-5
length: 2:01
membranophone: Boiboi
bass: Sebastien Corbe
recording engineer: Tagada Jones
mixer: Tagada Jones
editor: Oliver Broudman
writer: Andrew Campbell, Gary McCormack, John Duncan
Something's happened what's gone wrong
Going down the dole got to sign on
Millions of kids with nowt to do
You better watch out they're after you
I don't wanna join the army
I know it's a waste of time
No alternative is what they say
The choice is mine
Politicians what do they care
They're all money grabbers they're after their share
They don't even care if you get shot
Cause there ain't no way they'll be there

Do you really want to die
Kill other people just to survive
Only the dead have their freedom
It's the living that's got to suffer most

CD 1
  • 1 Jouer avec le feu
  • 2 Osmose 99
  • 3 Quelle sacrée revanche
  • 4 Vivre libre ou mourir
  • 5 Alternative
  • 6 Antisocial
  • 7 Hommage à Parabellum
  • 8 L'Alternative
  • 9 On roule
  • 10 À qui la faute ?
  • 11 Nation to Nation
  • 12 Sous les bombes
  • 13 Pavillon noir (Rotator remix)
  • 14 Le Feu aux poudres (X Makeena remix)
  • 15 Épidémie (Alif Sound System remix)
  • 16 Thérapie (Formal Dehyde remix)
  • 17 Cauchemar (Yosh remix)
  • 18 Kamikaze (Chandora remix)