Who Sang Ejaculate Upon the Holy Qur'An? Taghut

Release information
Release Date: 2008-9-11
length: 3:33
Muhammad - false prophet
For a god insane
Allah is a fallacy
Destroy Islamic reign
Their holy book is sacred
Filled with suras
I rebuke muslim ways
And spit upon Allah
Lubricate my c***
Qur-an lies before me
Egocentric religion
Truly does abhor me
Building up my tension
Ready to explode
Upon the Holy Qur-an
I shoot my load
e******** upon the holy qur-an
Blaspheme the words of allah
e******** upon the holy qur-an
Shred the pages of suras

f*** islamic laws
Tear apart the texts
Your book is truly worthless
Hatred manifests
s*** upon your doctrine
Mocking muslim lies
f*** the book of allah
The qur-an I despise

(chorus x2)

CD 1
  • 1 Reichquiem (Introdestruction)
  • 2 Piss on the Altar of God
  • 3 Ejaculate Upon the Holy Qur'An
  • 4 Exterminate Christianity
  • 5 Terrorist
  • 6 Branded 666
  • 7 Jesus Christ and the Christian Church
  • 8 The Fist of Satan
  • 9 Burn the Holy Nations of Islam
  • 10 Fascist Regime
  • 11 Better to Reign in Hell...
  • 12 The Arrogant Jews
  • 13 Blaspheme Muhammad's Name
  • 14 This World Belongs to Satan
  • 15 The Oldest Man
  • 16 Hail the Crucifixion
  • 17 To Serve and Protect
  • 18 March of Hate (Outrodestruction)