Who Sang Fascist Regime? Taghut

Release information
Release Date: 2008-9-11
length: 2:49
Heil h*****'s master race
Gas the human scum
Merciless fascist regime
h***** almost won
Filled their hearts with Aryan pride
Army of the SS
n*** troops pillaged all
Left NONE in distress
Concentration camps are thriving
With food for the ovens
Extinguish opposition
The gates of hell wide open

Fascist Regime x4
The Reich's iron fist
Pounded across the land
Domination by force
Crossed even desert sands
Propaganda warfare
Scientific tests
Victory at all costs
Swastikas on their vests
Zeig Heil! Zeig Heil!
Zeig Heil! Zeig Heil!

Fascist Regime
Fascist Regime

Fascist Regime
Corrupt capitalism x4


Zeig Heil!

CD 1
  • 1 Reichquiem (Introdestruction)
  • 2 Piss on the Altar of God
  • 3 Ejaculate Upon the Holy Qur'An
  • 4 Exterminate Christianity
  • 5 Terrorist
  • 6 Branded 666
  • 7 Jesus Christ and the Christian Church
  • 8 The Fist of Satan
  • 9 Burn the Holy Nations of Islam
  • 10 Fascist Regime
  • 11 Better to Reign in Hell...
  • 12 The Arrogant Jews
  • 13 Blaspheme Muhammad's Name
  • 14 This World Belongs to Satan
  • 15 The Oldest Man
  • 16 Hail the Crucifixion
  • 17 To Serve and Protect
  • 18 March of Hate (Outrodestruction)