Who Sang Terrorist? Taghut

Release information
Release Date: 2008-9-11
length: 4:24
Thwart the lives and minds
Of the unsuspecting victims
Target chosen
Methodical precision
Extremist passion
To level the oppressor
Lay waste - annihilate
A total disaster
Inciting public terror
Yielding all control
Mass sneak attack
Bomb detonation
Complete destruction
Obliterated lives
News for a day
Made the headlines

Terrorist x4

You won't know it's coming
Such a sinister surprise
Until the blast you feel
Opens up your eyes
We each are targets
We won't suspect a thing
In one quick moment
Feel death's lightning sting
Terrorist x4


Victims are scarred
Reliving the event
Learn to understand
The message that was sent
Spend your lives
Reliving the horror
But continue to live
In a reign of terror
Terrorist x4

We are in the age of the
Unforeseen enemy
Self sacrificing soldier
Dying for a lie


CD 1
  • 1 Reichquiem (Introdestruction)
  • 2 Piss on the Altar of God
  • 3 Ejaculate Upon the Holy Qur'An
  • 4 Exterminate Christianity
  • 5 Terrorist
  • 6 Branded 666
  • 7 Jesus Christ and the Christian Church
  • 8 The Fist of Satan
  • 9 Burn the Holy Nations of Islam
  • 10 Fascist Regime
  • 11 Better to Reign in Hell...
  • 12 The Arrogant Jews
  • 13 Blaspheme Muhammad's Name
  • 14 This World Belongs to Satan
  • 15 The Oldest Man
  • 16 Hail the Crucifixion
  • 17 To Serve and Protect
  • 18 March of Hate (Outrodestruction)

  • Release information
    label: Primitive Reaction
    country(area): Finland
    format: CD
    script: Latin