Who Sang How Could You Do Me So Bad?? Taja Sevelle

Release information
Release Date: 1992
length: 4:23

Broke my heart when you left me, little boy
How could you do me so bad?
You know I tried my best to please you, baby
I gave you the best love I had

Everybody 'round town is talking about it now
Saying I was just a fool
For letting you have another girl around
You told me she was just a friend

Gave you just about everything you ever wanted
I even bought you diamond rings
I gave you my heart
But you threw it all around
And now you told me that it was all over

Now you come here while my heart's still torn apart
You tell me you got one more thing
You're wondering if I'll still stick around
How could you ask me such a thing?

All I wanna know is
Why did you leave me, little boy?
I was the best thing you ever had
Why did you leave me, my baby?

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