Who Sang 2 Late? Takara

Release information
Release Date: 1995
length: 3:29
I can't believe what you're doin' to me
just can't believe what you're doin'
so far away & the lines never free
who do you think you're foolin'
You tell me everything's alright
but I can see it plain as day now
I gave my word I'd be true to you
but you went the other way
now it's much too late, don't you know that it's much
(much too late) can't you see that it's much
(much too late) much too late for goodbye

You tried to deny, with a tear in your eye
you had me believe I'd regret it
your masquerade was the lies that you played
did you think I'd forget it?

No sooner I turned my back on you
another'd be right in my place
I shoulda known from the very start
You'd never, ever be the same

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