Who Sang December? Takara

Release information
Release Date: 1995
length: 4:49
this our last December
I can still remember
like a fading ember
In our day of youth, I still can recall
were the moments our lives were best
but I didn't stop to wonder, I didn't realize
I knew that we'd gone too fast

You were oh so innocent, I can't tell a lie
but I knew it just wasn't enough
looking back I wonder if I'd opened up my mind
that I had everything
everything I'd need in love

all the memories and all the emptiness
confusion in the first degree
everywhere I turn I can still see your face
I'm a victim of my own destiny
this our last December, seems like a dream
I can still remember all the days you were mine
just like our first December
I need you more than ever
like a fading ember in a fire so divine

like a cry in the night, a whisper to a scream
I'm - a calling but I might be too late
if you'd take but just a moment
to see the other side
of a man who's learned from his mistakes
all that I want is everything I need
I can't sleep till I know that you'll be back
but I've got a bad feelin' that you've laid our love to lie
& I'm nothing more than a blast from the past

what can I do, how will you see
I been waitin' so long, to make you believe

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  • 2 Days of Dawn
  • 3 Your Love
  • 4 December
  • 5 Last Mistake
  • 6 Taste of Heaven
  • 7 Sacred Pleasure
  • 8 2 Late
  • 9 Save Me
  • 10 Lonely Shade of Blue
  • 11 Message for Japan

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    country(area): [Worldwide]
    script: Latin