Who Sang Fly 2 Your Arms? Takara

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length: 4:21
Grusky / Soto

I've been around the world
so many times I 4get where I've been
I've touched the lights in Paris,
I've danced in Tokyo
So many brand new faces, so many from the past
Year after year it's me & the lonely road

But if u try 2 say it's over, if u try 2 say it's the end
I tell u I'll be here 4ever, I'll be there again


& I'll fly...2 your arms again,
I'll spread my wings &
Fly high.. if you'll take me in
I'll never let go
So long since I've been home,
I don't even know where home is
Each day a new adventure,
or just the same old dream

U'd think I'm a lucky man,
sometimes I just don't know
But if it's good it can't last 4ever &
I'll be the best I could be
But if u think the years have tamed me
2 want 2 settle down
As long as your alive & kickin',
u know I'll be around

Repeat Chorus Twice


Repeat Chorus

  • 1 Take U Down
  • 2 Your Love 2night
  • 3 Fly 2 Your Arms
  • 4 Love Is Gone
  • 5 What Do U Want From Me
  • 6 Time Waits 4 No One
  • 7 Blind in Paradise
  • 8 Don't Wanna Be Alone
  • 9 No Love's Enough
  • 10 Lookin' Out
  • 11 Say U'll Stay
  • 12 Awake and Dreaming