Who Sang Lonely Shade of Blue? Takara

Release information
Release Date: 1995
length: 5:30
I remember the cool the summer nights
the way you called my name
how was I, how was I to know, someday you'd be gone
& all the dreams we lived for
they never died, they're still inside my soul
foolin' round by the cherry tree
makin' love down by the pier
oh, it makes no sense at all
girl, it don't, it don't seem fair

never thought we'd ever be apart
never thought I'd see the lonely
lonely shade
shade of blue
I'm missin' you baby (goodbye, baby)
never find another
with your smile ('like you girl)
why'd I have to go & lose you, lonely, lonely shade
shade of blue
late at night I still hold your pillow
the way I held you
till this day, I close my eyes
I still hear your smile
we use to dream of life as never ending
we use to dream we would always be as one
sometimes I cry to heaven above
why'd you have to take my baby
cause as she flies with all the angels
I'm here alone to bathe in my tears of pain

it's been years & seven days
but it just don't seem to get better
someday I know we'll be as one
someday I know we'll be together

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