Who Sang Love Is Gone? Takara

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length: 4:59

the days of old are gone & the
times we used 2 share
are like roses on a grave
seems we once had it all we had
what everyone wished they could have
treasured the love u gave

but somewhere along the way we grew apart
from what we used 2 know

& though I know we'll fight
2 find the love we shared
I can't help but wonder some day
our paths will meet again cuz I know


Love is everything of all our souls we had
& now love is gone, but I know
All the tears were shed from
vows we used 2 share & now love is gone
but the clouds in our eyes remain
I can't help but wonder....

every time i close my eyes, ah
i still see u in my dreams
& the memories are still alive

& I know with time, we can
see past thru past the rain
leave all the sorrow behind
I cant lie when I say I don't miss the days of old
u were me, I was u, we were 1........
nothing hurts more than a love gone bad
the pain's a reminder of where we went wrong
& our roads will meet again, cuz I know


every morning i awake
i see u thru the corners of my sight

i'm sorry that it had 2 end
& i'm left here wondering if someday one day
we'll leave it all behind
& our hearts will meet again, cuz i know

Repeat chorus twice

  • 1 Take U Down
  • 2 Your Love 2night
  • 3 Fly 2 Your Arms
  • 4 Love Is Gone
  • 5 What Do U Want From Me
  • 6 Time Waits 4 No One
  • 7 Blind in Paradise
  • 8 Don't Wanna Be Alone
  • 9 No Love's Enough
  • 10 Lookin' Out
  • 11 Say U'll Stay
  • 12 Awake and Dreaming