Who Sang Taste of Heaven? Takara

Release information
Release Date: 1995
length: 3:53
We all need something new to hold on too
we all need more than we possess
y can't we be satisfied with the life that we've made
when will we learn that more is less
y must we fight our brothers?
There has to be another way
someday we'll all discover
we all could use a little taste of

heaven-we'll come together with a taste of
heaven-we'll never be the same again
so many empty hours between us
so many lost and lonely days
I lie awake and wonder if the test of time will pass
& leave us trapped inside our yesterday

Why must we live in sorrow
how can you simply walk away
don't wait until tomorrow
cause we all can use a little taste of
heaven-our future lies within a taste of
heaven-someday, one day

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