Who Sang Can't Keep Goin' On and On? Take 6

Release information
Release Date: 1994-6-28
Genre: Hip Hop Jazz Funk / Soul
Style: Gospel/Vocal
length: 4:49
Sometimes I feel so all alone
Heartache is like a danger zone
Somewhere there is a better place
Out there where love will find a way
I know this train is rollin', I feel the track
I don't know where it's goin' but it's always rollin'
right back where we started
This train of brokenhearted souls
I can't keep goin' on and on
I can't keep goin' on and on
I've been on this train so long
I can't keep goin' on
Faith knows that everything will change
Someday there'll be no more pain

CD 1
  • 1 Can't Keep Goin' On and On
  • 2 All I Need (Is a Chance)
  • 3 My Friend
  • 4 It's Gonna Rain
  • 5 You Can Never Ask Too Much (Of Love)
  • 6 I've Got Life
  • 7 Stay Tuned (interlude)
  • 8 Biggest Part of Me
  • 9 Badiyah (interlude)
  • 10 Harmony
  • 11 4 Miles (interlude)
  • 12 Even Though
  • 13 Why I Feel This Way
  • 14 Lullaby