Who Sang Fire? Taliia

Taliia The One From September cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2015-4-25
length: 4:52
Whatever it means
I got lost in my games
Behind the scenes,
Reaching my own aims.
I’m pushing things on,
More ambitious than ever.
Just keep moving on,
Soon there will be a change for the better.
Something inside
Makes me feel right tonight!

Fire in my soul!
Fire, I can’t control!
Fire in my soul!
Fire, I can’t control!

I’ve had enough,
My friends are near.
They make me laugh,
When sadness appears.
I‘m gonna take all
This life can give me.
Not playing a role,
My cherished dream gets the best of me.
Can’t wait anymore,
I know what I’m looking for!

CD 1
  • 1 Fiesta
  • 2 Thelma & Louise
  • 3 The Cherry Smoke
  • 4 Change Your Scenery
  • 5 Moscow Drive
  • 6 Fire
  • 7 Tony Boy
  • 8 It's All I Need (Papa’s Song)
  • 9 Ice
  • 10 Not You (feat. Gennadiy Bogdanov)
  • 11 Don't Fly (feat. Gennadiy Bogdanov)
  • 12 Orange Dream
  • 13 The One From September (feat. Gennadiy Bogdanov)