Who Sang So Am I? Tamara Bedricky

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length: 3:44
Take my hand
Trace my heart
Can't you tell that it's
fallin' apart?
And if this was my meant to be,
why am I wishin' you right here next to me?
It's killin' me slowly
so hurry baby hold me
If you're hurt than so am I
If you're hurt than so am I
If your heart is breakin', heart is achin'
then baby so is mine
I can see it in your eyes
I just want to see you cry
If you hurt inside
then so am I
If you leave
I promise you you're not better off
without me
And somehow I know inside
Won't make it through to the other side

If you hurt inside
You'll take all that achin'
invisibly shakin'
My heart is breakin'
Get this right
because I need you tonight


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