Who Sang Mild Confusion? Tamaryn

Tamaryn The Waves cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2010-9-14
length: 4:16
producer: Rex John Shelverton
mixer: Rex John Shelverton
Cold shakes and hot sweats I'd break down
Love is not the color I'd break down
Take this down
Push out the power safe in sound
He's got the symptom
Mild confusion
Eyes flash in hard light
Head spins round
Pale skin white ghost pulls you down
Floor sinks and you fall to the ground
He's got the symptom
Mild confusion
Hold onto something
Holds you down
You've got the something
Holds me down
Mild Confusion
I don't hear it
I don't see it

CD 1
  • 1 The Waves
  • 2 Choirs of Winter
  • 3 Love Fade
  • 4 Haze Interior
  • 5 Sandstone
  • 6 Coral Flower
  • 7 Dawning
  • 8 Cascades
  • 9 Mild Confusion