Who Sang Playin' Around With Love? Tammy Wynette

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length: 2:25
Not too long ago you said to me
I believe it's time you set me free
Cause I found a woman who knows how to love me right
And she don't mind if I lay out all night
And you said hallelujah this woman sure gets to ya
I finally found peace of mind

Singin' hallelujah you don't know what good it'll do ya
Playin' around with love'll do it every time
But then one day she felt like movin' on
One goodbye and you were all alone

And it's funny I could almost hear the sound
When your whole world came tumbling to the ground
And I said hallelujah that woman socked it to ya
Just walked away and blew your mind

Singin' hallelujah you got what's comin' to ya
Playin' around with love'll do it every time
But it seems that I'm not too satisfied

With the brand new love that's walking by my side
Cause already there's an old love on my mind
Playin' around with love'll do it everytime

  • 1 Run, Woman, Run
  • 2 I Wish I Had a Mommy Like You
  • 3 True and Lasting Love
  • 4 I Never Once Stopped Loving You
  • 5 Safe in These Loving Arms of Mine
  • 6 Sally Trash
  • 7 My Daddy Doll
  • 8 The Lovin' Kind
  • 9 He's Still My Man
  • 10 Buy Me a Daddy
  • 11 Playin' Around With Love
  • 12 We Sure Can Love Each Other
  • 13 The Joy of Being a Woman
  • 14 He Knows All the Ways to Love
  • 15 Make Me Your Kind of Woman
  • 16 Don't Liberate Me (Love Me)
  • 17 Bring Him Safely Home to Me
  • 18 The Only Thing
  • 19 Longing to Hold You Again
  • 20 Have a Little Faith
  • 21 If You Think I Love You Know
  • 22 Baby Come Home
  • 23 Fun
  • 24 The Only Time I'm Really Me
  • 25 The Wonders You Perform

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    script: Latin