I Hear Cryin' Lyrics - Tamplin and Friends

Release information
Release Date: 1990
Genre: Rock
Style: Hard Rock/Arena Rock
length: 4:50
producer: Ken Tamplin
membranophone: Ken Mary
lead vocals: Ken Tamplin
mixer: Dave Jahnsen
engineer: Ken Tamplin and Roger Mielke
background vocals: Ken Tamplin
guitar: Scott Van Zen
keyboard: Roger Mielke
co-producer: Lanny Cordola
electric bass guitar: David Sikes
writer: Scott Van Zen, Ken Tamplin
If I had a choice girl I would stay with you
I cannot explain the pain it puts me through
a travelin' man going from town to town
burns an empty feelin' deep inside of me

I dream of the love we share when I'm way back home
oh it's somethin' to hold on to when I'm all alone hearin' your voice tremble on the line
it's more than any man can take
well I'm about to lose my mind

I hear cryin' I hear cryin' Oh Lord
give us the strength we need
I hear cryin' Tell me why isn't love
easier to believe

Now distance I know can play a few tricks on the mind whispering doubt about the love I left behind
and just when I think I'm about to lose my mind
yet the hardest thing to bear
is what really shows you care (is when)

I hear cryin' no denying the love
it keeps us holding on
I hear cryin' Lord you've given the hope
To make it to the end
I hear cryin' tell me why isn't love
easier to believe
I hear cryin', I hear cryin'

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