Who Sang On the Line? Tangier

Tangier  cover art
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length: 4:43
Verse 1

In the middle of the darkness
Creepin' round your door
In the shadows of a foggy night
Can you hear 'em call
Reachin' out for something
That's not really there
Just another lonely night
There's danger in the air

Verse 2

In the back of an alley
Don't step around
Someone is watching
Don't make a sound
With a hush and a whisper
Another teardrop falls
Gotta fight this feelin'
Can't you hear your momma call

As you gaze in wonder
At the things you see
Never stop hopin'
What will never be

That's right that's right
Never walk the streets at night
No not alone
You wait for a reason
You're puttin' your life on the line
Can't ya get back home
Verse 3

Backed in an alley
Up against the wall
Can't move but you're fallin'
Gotta try & grab a hold
Your heart keeps pounding
As you close your eyes
You feel it slippin' away
Gotta find some place to hide