Who Sang Good Bye? Taskless Sheep

Taskless Sheep Meadow Mayhem cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2009-4-23
length: 3:09
I am decayed and I'm alone
I am rotten to my core
I will be punished for
the lack of skill I've shown
I am so tired of the hate
And I can't take it anymore
Please push the weight off shore
We must hope that it's not too late

Please strike me with deadly thorns
Eradicate the madness in my head
Fulfill me this last wish, do what I've said
Don't worry, my sanity has long been gone
Oh can't you see,
Don't try to ease the pain
It's all in vain
Give up and follow me

I hear the angels singing
Songs which are cursing me
I am not supposed to be
I'm gone and they are laughing
I just lay down and cry
All that is, gets washed away
And all that's left to say
Is good bye

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