Who Sang All Too Late? Tea for Two

Tea for Two 101 cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2001
length: 4:53
(S. Weber/M. Schumpelt/J.O. Soerup)
moonlit balconies, I'm not too far from where You are
I am stepping that door
and heaven comes to who who waits
I wonder why you lost your faith
in a gambling spree
falling into reveries
so quiet in here, so peaceful here
a sad affair to know there's no one near me now
watch me bleed, I'm bleeding forever
watch me bleed, I'm bleeding forever
evening's fading in the candle glow
I'm full but I'm feeling empty
so many dreams that don't come true
I miss Your heart beating next to mine
foghorns blowing in the night
I'm sailing for some other shore
for one so young
I feel so cold
watch me bleed
no, don't pretend that You can
justify the pain and the cries
it's all too late, my dear
your face now like a photograph
when it's all too late ...just fading out
oh, watch me bleed, watch me bleed
I'm bleeding forever
oh, watch me bleed, watch me bleed
I'm dying slowly
leaving the show

CD 1
  • 1 Drifting Apart
  • 2 Heaven (for Noone Else but Me)
  • 3 Between the Lines
  • 4 101
  • 5 Bitter Sweet...
  • 6 All Too Late
  • 7 Torn in Two
  • 8 The Plan
  • 9 Crossing the Edge
  • 10 Last Piece