Who Sang My Own Way? Tea for Two

Tea for Two Twisted cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2006
length: 5:27

There's a power when you're near
Me in my head and in my bones
Well, we found the places hidden by the snow
Every shimmer is a searchlight
Life is halfway in our hands
We keep on driving up along the road

I fear that I can only run through time and space
I feel that i'm the only one - oh I scream out loud
I've got to find my own way out

I wanna blaze I need to gaze, I want to break the dry ground
Oh don't delay this handshake .. the closing of the deal
Look in these eyes, look at my heart
See how it's breaking
... and peace of mind is so hard to find

Wide awake it's nearly midnight
I wait for you, you wait for me
Oh, we lived to learn the spinning of the wheels
The setting sun at lover's beach
Is still in view but out of reach
Looks like we've made it, life is better than before

CD 1
  • 1 Spanish Night
  • 2 Soundscape
  • 3 Out in the Sun
  • 4 Last Drink
  • 5 Autumn
  • 6 Hold On
  • 7 My Own Way
  • 8 Scar Folk
  • 9 Why?
  • 10 Come What May