Who Sang Heartless World? Teaze

Release information
Release Date: 1979
length: 5:46
You're a living sin
You're the harlequin in a one-act play
And you've given up
Even though you can't say why
So your hero died back in 69
Well that's no excuse
To go lose yourself in a FM headphone high
It's a heartless world
It's a heartless world

Have you had enough?
Are you going back to that crazy place?
Are you listening?
Am I talking to myself?
Well it's sad to say but it's just that way and it'll
never change, never change
Have you won or lost?
You know it's hard to tell
It's a heartless world
It's a heartless world
And some room to breathe may be all you need
to get on your feet
And the time to step outside and see outside and see the sky
Oo, no, no, no, it's a heartless world
It's a heartless world
Will you control me
Would you please hold me
Don't let me show my vicious side

If you disown me
If you've outgrown me
I'll change my name, and say goodbye

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