Who Sang Real Killer? Tech N9ne

Tech N9ne Anghellic cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2001-8-28
Genre: Hip Hop
length: 2:38
producer: King Tech

(1st Verse)
I was kicking it
With this chick for a minute
She picked me to hit it
Real stiffly I sitted
He spit
Then we quit it
Then I told her
To miss me
And splitted
Quickly I lit it up
No problem to get it up
Then she called and said
She needed me to help her
Get rid of what
A baby
She said she wanted me to kill it
No evidence
Don't spill it
I'm saying at first
I didn't feel it
But then I started to ponder
On what was coming up
A baby by a fling
Made days seem
Really somber
So we both were in agreement
The baby I seen it
Thinking of killing it
Made me almost fall
To the cement
This ain't a job
I can do myself
I ain't got the brain for this
So I called a homie in Kansas
Who was trained for this
He said
The way I rap
And make skrill for a living
He said he kills for a living
For the grip span
He's a hit man
So I paid him a fee
He told me
What date it would be
Me and her was down
But I really don't think
The baby was G
So we three road to Kansas
Baby probably thinking we scandalous
Can't even walk
And we band his
Man is trife
Walked in
And he told us to relax
I sat
And he took
Her and baby to the back
Before I came
I smoked some dope
To calm me
They came back
And she was baby less
And she was looking like a zombie
Baby gone (Baby gone)
Were we wrong (Hella wrong)
Gotta move on (Gotta move on)
Let it alone (yeah)
I dropped her off
But she didn't hate me
For killing the baby
She said she still
Wanted to date me
I'm riding and I'm thinking
I took a life
But I ain't tweeking
I know God
Probably thinking
I should die

Real killer
That is me
Real killer
That is me
Real killer
That is me
This is what you call a what
Real killer
That is me
Real killer
That is me
Real killer
That is me
I don't really give a ****
Real killer
That is me
Real killer
That is me
Real killer
That is me
Know that ain't nobody iller
Real killer
That is me
Mass murderer
Natural born killer
That is me

(2nd Verse)
A couple of years later
I'm creeping with this chicklet
Little thick chick
Hit it raw
And gave her triplets
I need to learn to hold my liquid
So I called my man
In Kansas City, Kan
I told him I
Needed him to do it again
After he put 'em away
I asked him
Homie how could you
Be so raw
He said to me
How could you be so raw
We scatted
One year later
I splatted
In the same chick
She wanted to have it
But I made her do
The same ****
So I murdered five kids of mine
I'm 'bout to sit in hell a lifetime
Bid for mine
Cause of abortion
No more
Now it's blown out of proportion
Never again


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