Who Sang Inside? Technicolour

Release information
Release Date: 2005-5
Genre: Rock Pop
Style: Pop Rock
length: 3:15
You haven't been at home in three whole days
and now you're at the door flowers in hand
form a cheap gift shpå just down the street
you think that it's enough she'll understand

How does it feel?

You'r quick at coming up with little white lies
but how did they become black alibis
and now you're in so deep and there's no way out
you dug yourself a grave and here you lie

How does it feel?
how does it feel?
how does it feel?
how does it feel?

She looked at you, she saw through you
and then she said these words
you're never there, so I don't care
the she closed the door

  • 1 All My Life
  • 2 Teach Me Love (I'm in Denial)
  • 3 Through This Noise
  • 4 Nowhere to Go
  • 5 Inside
  • 6 Here and Now
  • 7 Only Shadows Dance
  • 8 Nowhere
  • 9 Where Do We Go Now
  • 10 Air We Breath
  • 11 Sky

  • Release information
    country(area): Finland
    script: Latin