Who Sang Coming Down? Teen Idols

Release information
Release Date: 2000-8-29
Genre: Rock
Style: Punk/Pop Punk
length: 2:45

I just had to get away this morning
To keep you off my mind
Your memory haunts me without warning
And I need a place to hide
And a little help to just unwind

I want it, 'cause I'm comin' down
I was touchin' a place where I wanna stay
I need it, 'cause I'm comin' down
Can't face the fact that you've gone away
Gotta have it, 'cause I'm comin' down
I can't lose the way that I feel inside

I'll just pretend that you're still with me
To help me ease the pain
I'll still deny it until I'm fifty
Or until I go insane
From a drug contorted brain

CD 1
  • 1 Midnight Picture Show
  • 2 Every Day Is Saturday
  • 3 Forever in My Dreams
  • 4 King Just for a Day
  • 5 The Voice
  • 6 Genuine Whiskey Man
  • 7 Rebel Souls
  • 8 Ban Wagon
  • 9 How Long
  • 10 West End Road
  • 11 Camera Shy
  • 12 I Don't Want Her
  • 13 Coming Down
  • 14 The Team