Who Sang Revelations 3:8 Introduction? Teena Marie feat. Common

Release information
Release Date: 2004-5-11
Genre: Hip Hop Funk / Soul
Style: RnB/Swing/Soul
length: 0:31
producer: Doug Grigsby III and Teena Marie
performer: Common
writer: Teena Marie, Common
I woke up, this morning, thinking of you
The silence spoke to me, I was speaking to you
Not diggin' the ways of the World
Becoming deeper in you
Received gift of life like my little girl,
Now I'm breathin' for you
A unconditional Love, arms around me
Giving spiritual hugs,
Through the prophets, you sending your love
In it, I find Salvation, from hearts and minds, it's sacred
Your Kingdom is near, and I can taste it

CD 1
  • 1 La Doña (intro)
  • 2 I'm Still in Love
  • 3 Honey Call
  • 4 Baby I'm Your Fiend
  • 5 My Body's Hungry
  • 6 A Rose by Any Other Name
  • 7 Off the Chain
  • 8 Makavelli Never Lied
  • 9 Revelations 3:8 Introduction
  • 10 Recycle Hate to Love
  • 11 The Mackin' Game
  • 12 I Love Him Too
  • 13 I Got You
  • 14 Hit Me Where I Live
  • 15 High Yellow Girl
  • 16 Black Rain
  • 17 I'm on Fire