Who Sang My Body's Hungry? Teena Marie

Release information
Release Date: 2004-5-11
Genre: Hip Hop Funk / Soul
Style: RnB/Swing/Soul
length: 5:33
producer: Doug Grigsby III and Teena Marie
writer: Teena Marie
I know you gotta go
Just come on over here
Let me get that last good-bye kiss

I'm gonna do all the things for you
That a man wants a girl to do
Come closer to me
I'm gonna whisper in your ear
Tell you all the things you longed to hear
Forever, and ever

Visions of the love we make
Go to my head when I feel your lips of flame
Baby, Baby, OOOOOOO
And even though love like ours is never free
(It's never free)
I'll pay the price for the esctasy

My body's hungry
Hungry for your love
For your love
And I got a taste for
Taste for only you
Only you
My body's hungry for your lovin baby
And there's not a d**n thing
D**n thing left to do
Left to do

I'm gonna be right there for you, hey
Though your other lover's clocking you
(So right baby)
It's all good baby, baby!
I'm gonna take more than I can stand
Though my eyes may cry, I'll understand
That you can't free yourself from loving

Freedom, baby, baby (Set you free)
More than you felt for a thousand days or more
I wanna take your for a ride in my, 64
And even though you can't be with me all the time
I'll pay the price cause your lips taste like wine


Except for maybe

I'm gonna fly away
I'm gonna fly away
Why don't you run away with me?
I'm gonna fly away
I'm gonna fly away
Do you ever feel like flying?
I'm gonna fly away
I'm gonna fly away
Why don't you run away with me?

Sweet baby
Cause MY body's hungry for your love

My body's hungry for your lovin baby, baby
There's not a d**n thing left for me to do
My body's HUNGRY for your, your love
There's only one thing
One thing left to do
Left to do

I'm gonna fly away, (Gotta fly away)
Do you ever wanna fly away with me?
(Come on baby)
You know you don't wanna stay here
Fly away to the sky (Come fly with me)
Fly, fly away
Fly away, (FLY) Please fly
Fly, fly, fly away baby
I've got to fly away

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