Who Sang Strange? Tela feat. Crime Boss & Mr. Mike

Mr. Mike Peace of Mind cover art
Release information
Release Date: 1996-11-5
Genre: Hip Hop
Style: Gangsta
length: 4:18
Ss..ss..uh..uh..smoke that
Uh..ss..ss..hit it
Ss..look *****..***** hit it uh

How many *****s want to ride tonight, die tonight, survive tonight
How many *****s want to ride tonight, die tonight, survive tonight
How many *****s want to ride tonight, die tonight, survive tonight
How many *****s want to ride tonight, die tonight, survive tonight

With Mr. Gun-Clapper blast, who got murder for that killer slash
Thug rapper, as these *****s begin to come after
Me in the middle of the night
Is it Mr. Mike or did I change my name to Victor
In the middle of the fight
Quiet, shh, on the set, light up ya blunts and cigarettes
The richer G's get, the *****er these *****s
My picture gets painted like Leonardo de Vinci, fully of envy
Texas was the spot *****s got shot and ****ed ya memories
Send me the flyest MC that's tryin' to see
And Suave come pound, they got hung, broke down to the highest degree
Well I be, the ***** want to **** Mike for free
Either slide me a G or get the **** up out my ride see
My oozy weighs a ton, when you *****s see me run
Got game to **** a nun, blame my gun
I leave you shakin' son of a *****, I'm rich
I'm quick to hit chu' up (*****)
It's them strange ************s that don't give a ****

I was born and brought up where these streets be the key
Erasin' suspicious and heartless *****s on the streets
Some live in poverty, even though a ***** be slangin' dope
And dodgin' the Feds cause them bastards want me broke
Back flashes of prison, for ninety days I'm doin' bad
No money for books so every day I'm livin' mad
Born to be tough through all these miseries and pain
Standin' strong through these struggles of this deadly game
Visions of body bags and my homies closed caskets
Illusions of prison and pistols pressures that I blastin'
I'm out to live with no time to play
I got the tendencies to kill in relentless ways
Straight up, cause life is a trick *****, if you weep and reek
You stuck outta luck, seekin' for relief
Too much destruction, they claim we gotta make a change
So much trouble between each other cause ya ghetto life is strange

Philosophically, psychologically ya fixin' to be ****ed
We goin' on this ride and ya ***** I'm gon' seduct
***** what, do I give a...
Ask the mound killer
Faces I remember they say dump him in the river
New Year's Eve 1999 *****
Virtual reality, galaxy gettin' slicker
Me and Crime Boss and a ***** named Mister
Mike to a flight, had some glitz to deliver
Headed back to the Suave castle
I had to wrestle with this transvestite who had a **** like a lasso
In this castle was a midget with banana clippin'
Bootleg sniffin' or Mr. Mike'll ****in' wicked
Ways infared waves hit his ****in' chest
Blew his *** to bits, particles of green ****
It really goes to show ya that **** ain't changed
In year 2000 life still be strange

CD 1
  • 1 Intro
  • 2 Twisted
  • 3 Tired of Ballin'
  • 4 Strange
  • 5 Success
  • 6 Let It Rain
  • 7 Sho Nuff
  • 8 Time
  • 9 Blackhaven
  • 10 Suave House
  • 11 Interlude Cell Call
  • 12 U Can't Tell
  • 13 Interlude - All About The Money
  • 14 Survival
  • 15 Piece of Mind

  • Release information
    label: Relativity Records, Inc.
    country(area): United States
    format: CD
    barcode: 088561155322
    script: Latin