Who Sang Bonnie Lass of Anglesey? Tempest

Release information
Release Date: 1997
length: 4:49
There he sits and there he stands
Alone and oh what a frightened king is he
Fifteen lords have all come down
To dance and gain the victory
There he stands at the castle high
So loud so loud I heard him cry
Go saddle your horse and bring to me
The bonny lass of Anglesey

Up she starts as white as the milk
Between the king and all of his company
Cries what is the price I have to ask
If I do gain the victory

Fifteen ploughs a house and a mill
I will give to thee till the day thou dies
The fairest knight in all my court
To take your husband for to be
Up she starts as white as the milk
She danced light as a leaf on the broken sea
Till fifteen lords all cried aloud
For the bonny lass of Anglesey

She's taken fifteen one by one
Saying sweet kind sir will you dance with me
But e'er it's ten o'clock o' the night
They gave it o'er right shamefully
She's taken the king all by the hand
Saying Sweet kind sir will you walk with me
But e'er the king has gone one step
She's danced his gold and his land away

Saying fifteen ploughs a house and a mill
Now that's no price for the victory
And away she's gone with his treasure
The bonny lass of Anglesey

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