Who Sang Here We Go? Templar

Templar Under the Sun cover art
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length: 3:28
here we go
its just another sunny day in the afternoon
and the skies are turning gray and your eyes are blue
here we go
is there an answer in my head, cuz i never wanted it to be this way, and i never wanted it so bad, and i can find theres some other way
here we go
ride...ride with me, and you wonder why, it could be so bad, and you give yourself away and im alone

its okay that youre going now, just walk with me, come undone, youre so far away from me,

and you wonder why it could be so bad, and ya give yourself away,well i know, how hard youve tried.
and through the years youve tried to hold on
through the day you bring me down again.....
here we go

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