Who Sang Old Man? Ten Foot Pole

Ten Foot Pole Rev cover art
Release information
Release Date: 1994-9-29
Genre: Rock
Style: Punk/Pop Punk
length: 3:45
You tell me of a place where everybody knew their
Neighbors all the families helped each other and no one
Ever locked their doors you tell me no one locked their
Doors old man please stay a while I know at first I seemed
Too busy but now I'll make the time stay and tell me one
More story tell me about the time you ditched school to go
Fishing you thought the branch would hold your neighbor
Pulled you from the river he helped you wash your clothes
And stitch the hole in your trousers and your mom never
Knew why he giggled when he saw you a place where no
One locks their doors a place where no one locks their
Doors you tell me that you would show me only now it is too
Late I would like to build community only now it is too late
Things can never be the way they were before you can't go
Back to how things were before once the trust is gone
Once the trust is gone once the trust is gone you'll lock the
Door I can imagine that life but it seems so far from real it's
Just like a story that's the kind of life I've never known old
Man you're leaving now taking with you things I've never
Known I wonder where you're going and if it would be like
Your old home I hope you find the place you're looking for

CD 1
  • 1 Never Look Back
  • 2 My Wall
  • 3 Old Man
  • 4 Fade Away
  • 5 World’s Best Dad
  • 6 Co-Song
  • 7 Closer to Grey
  • 8 Final Hours
  • 9 Muffled
  • 10 Broken Bubble
  • 11 Dying Duck in a Thunderstorm
  • 12 Think of Tomorrow
  • 13 Pete’s Farm