Pride and Shame Lyrics - Ten Foot Pole

Ten Foot Pole Unleashed cover art
Release information
Release Date: 1997-3-11
Genre: Rock
Style: Pop Rock/Punk
length: 2:15
Is there something more I just can't see?
I've been so busy trying every day to make ends meet
Been such a long time
Since I stopped to smell the coffee
Now I wonder: can I tell the forest from the trees?

I know that I feel pride and I know that I fear shame
I know I want you to smile when you hear my name
Seems like a silly game
But I know I play it harder than anything

I feel alone
There's people everywhere
Some of these people even care
Once in a while you find someone who really cares
But I'm too busy to give them what they need
It's not greed, it's the fear of failure
It keeps me going
But when tomorrow comes, there's always something more
And I can't stop working long enough
To wonder what life's for
What is it for?
Am I just a whore?
Who am I working for?

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