Who Sang Helsabot? Ten in the Swear Jar

Release information
Release Date: 1999
Genre: Electronic Rock
Style: Abstract/Avantgarde/Minimal/Art Rock
length: 3:22
Kicked him in the neck

I am Helsabot
I am all you're not, but you wish you were
I am working hard, don't you laugh at me
I am Helsabot, alcohol fueled robot

I take off my clothes
Then I say to Joe,
'Do your pants ever just fall off off off'
A menage a trois is fine

  • 1 Fort Awesome Drunk Tank
  • 2 Helsabot
  • 3 Sad Girl
  • 4 I'm Sorry, Grandma
  • 5 Don't Play the Drumz
  • 6 Sita Deth
  • 7 Worry Boy
  • 8 Hair, Hair, Hair, Hair, Hair
  • 9 When You Write (Black Angels version)
  • 10 Famine (1949 version)
  • 11 Theme From Our Place in the Shadows