Who Sang All You Want to Be? Ten Second Epic

Ten Second Epic Count Yourself In cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2006-10-9
Genre: Rock
Style: Pop Punk
length: 2:51

Hide Beneath your lies,
But since I know it's more like hide and seek.
I see right through you;
Your ever-shifting eyes give you away.

The lines are drawn,
The ink is black and blue.
The truth is bleeding,
It's bleeding though.
Don't hide what I already know.
I will miss you,
But this is the last time I'll feel it.

It's fiction you are selling.
Your story is pathetic,
It's such a joke and filled with holes,
Like all the things you say.
You might as well admit it,
React before you think it,
There's more at stake then a good time.
All you want to be, it's all you want to be.


And this wont be forgiven,
And this wont come again.
And this wont be the moment where I cave and let you in.
And this wont be forgiven,
And this wont come again.
We had so much more than this.
You killed it all with me.


  • 1 Suck It Up, Princess
  • 2 Old Habits Die Hard
  • 3 All You Want to Be
  • 4 Count Yourself In
  • 5 I Got What I Wanted, Lost What I Had
  • 6 Boys Will Be Boys
  • 7 How the West Was Lost
  • 8 It's Better on the Floor
  • 9 Avenue Days
  • 10 Point Blank Victoria