Who Sang Roadie? Tenacious D

Tenacious D Rize of the Fenix cover art
Release information
Writer(s): Kyle Richard Gass, Thomas Jacob Black
Release Date: 2012-5-14
Genre: Rock
Style: Acoustic/Hard Rock
length: 2:59
producer: John Kimbrough
membranophone: Dave Grohl
vocal: Kyle Gass and Jack Black
mixer: John Spiker
engineer: John Spiker
electric guitar: John Konesky
acoustic guitar: Kyle Gass
piano & bass guitar: John Spiker
Well it's three pm time to rock the gear, got to it on the stage,
My muscles flex, my ****ing sweat will save the day.
Course I check the mic, I ****a check the mic, I ****a checka checka 1 2 3,
I plug it in, I make it sound as good as it can be.
Because the rock is rock, and the road is road, got'a take the mic, he got take control, got'a get that **** up on that ****ing stage.
Yes the Roadie knows, what the Roadie knows, and the Roadie knows that he wears black clothes, and he hides off in the shadows of the stage.


Because the Roadie, looks a thousand miles with his eyes,
And when the crowd raws, rains of tears drop to the Roadies eyes,tears of pride.
Because his watching the show, but you will never know,
His changing the strings, while hangin' in the wind,
No matter how hard, the show mustgo on.

When a beautiful girl come to me she say, hey can I sucka your ****,
And I'll say yes, I'm in love.
And then she quickly say I sucked your ****,
Now give me that backstage pas, I do not want you Roadie,
I want KG's chode.

Chorus 2

I'm standing at the fresh hole of your dreams,
Without me there would be no sound from those amps,
Without me there would be no light on the stage,
But you don't applause for me.

I I'm the Roadie, lonesome warrior searching for his soul,
I I'm the Roadie, I make the rock go.

Roadie, Roadie, Roadie.

CD 1
  • 1 Rize of the Fenix
  • 2 Low Hangin’ Fruit
  • 3 Classical Teacher
  • 4 Señorita
  • 5 Deth Starr
  • 6 Roadie
  • 7 Flutes & Trombones
  • 8 The Ballad of Hollywood Jack and the Rage Kage
  • 9 Throw Down
  • 10 Rock Is Dead
  • 11 They Fucked Our Asses
  • 12 To Be the Best
  • 13 39
  • 14 Quantum Leap
  • 15 Rivers of Brown
    DVD 2
  • 1 Low Hangin’ Fruit
  • 2 Where Have We Been
  • 3 Tale of the Fenix
  • 4 Rock Is Dead
  • 5 Roadie

  • Release information
    label: Columbia
    country(area): United Kingdom
    format: DVD
    barcode: 0887254132523
    script: Latin