This War Is Over Lyrics - Tenebrarum

Release information
Release Date: 2007
length: 5:06
Everthing is turning black
I'm leaving this world behind
This body has ceased to breath
This soul takes off and flies... away
Life has been chasing me away
Who's gonna save me from the dark
All my memories are broken
All my promises are fading away


This war is over now
I'm letting my soul go
When I'm old and weak and grey
And time of living is gone
All my life is passing by
Right in front of my eyes
All my sins all my good acts
Just like a movie when I'm dying


So frozen inside
Can't trust myself
So numb with fear (that hurts)
Falling in the black side
There's a battle around me
What are they fighting for?
They are angels and demons
Struggling for my soul
A powerful light has beaten the shadows
The eternal flame embraces me
Remembraces of pain are lost completely
All I feel now is a joy (meeting my God)

All I have left
Is the love I gave

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