Who Sang House of Evil? Terminal Choice

Terminal Choice Navigator cover art
Release information
Release Date: 1998-5
Genre: Electronic
Style: Electro
length: 4:41
composer: Chris Pohl
lyricist: Chris Pohl
blood on the floor
a terrible smell is in this house
darkness lives here
it's always night
the home of witchcraft
the home of the ghost
you are trapped here since 600 years
you can't leave this house
you're a slave to the evil
they put a spell on you, the demons of hell
so you have to suffer the rest of your life

can't you feel the devil inside?
can't you feel the pain in your mind?
can't you see your feelings die
here in the house of evil?

you became a creature of hell
the mighty devil takes control
of your heart and of your soul
now you bring doom
now you bring death
no one to help you to break the spell
to bring the light in your little hell
there's no hope and there's no life
you're eternally lost, eternally lost


CD 1
  • 1 (Intro) Actual Reality?
  • 2 Without Warning
  • 3 Victim of Life
  • 4 Someone
  • 5 Navigator I
  • 6 Der Tod
  • 7 House of Evil
  • 8 No Escape
  • 9 The Sons of Doom
  • 10 Tenderness
  • 11 Navigator II
  • 12 The Eternal Evil
  • 13 Kaltes Herz
  • 14 Navigator III
  • 15 Navigator IV (version)