Who Sang Someone? Terminal Choice

Terminal Choice Navigator cover art
Release information
Release Date: 1998-5
Genre: Electronic
Style: Electro
length: 3:50
composer: Chris Pohl
lyricist: Chris Pohl
you go to bed like ev'ry night
but there is fear inside your mind
you are afraid to close your eyes
inside your body your small heart cries
he says "girl my love is true
don't tell your mom the things we do"
you can't stand it anymore
it's too late, he opens the door

he's coming, for you

someone- comes to you at night
someone- watches you while you sleep
someone- says "baby please don't cry"
someone- wants to f**k you like a whore
someone- he's your nightmare
someone- he's your nightmare
someone- says "baby please don't cry"
someone- wants to fuck you like a whore

you see his shadow on the wall
he kicks away your little doll
you hear his soft and friendly voice
he says "baby don't make a noise"
but tonight you change your life
in your hands you feel the knife
you feel the knife


CD 1
  • 1 (Intro) Actual Reality?
  • 2 Without Warning
  • 3 Victim of Life
  • 4 Someone
  • 5 Navigator I
  • 6 Der Tod
  • 7 House of Evil
  • 8 No Escape
  • 9 The Sons of Doom
  • 10 Tenderness
  • 11 Navigator II
  • 12 The Eternal Evil
  • 13 Kaltes Herz
  • 14 Navigator III
  • 15 Navigator IV (version)