Terrace Martin feat. Kendrick Lamar & Neka Brown - Reasons for Seasons 歌詞

オリジナル盤発売日: 2011-10-25
length: 3:28

Its big team M .. the
Eyes ...
Now who is become but its mother son
Beside wonder before the guns and picked up the drums
That you .. in a different ..stood on your feet
I gave you advice they .. a new life to lead
And ..took my for week
When i was out my low its true was color start to show
Niggas i call friends and answer their phone in
Thats when quick ..ain't true
Be careful who ..celebrity ..
Then get it to that very instance since ..between me and them
I put a little distance ..nigga .. for this game and is still broke nigga

Sometimes people go as quick as they come
They say that is nothing new under the sun
Cause time reveals all our reasons
Things change in life just like seasons

Little Kendrick from the hood
I'll show you that my motto always been to give you love
I'm putting out good music in return to build a buzz
That's bigger than life itself or some bubble kush plug
Or some bubble cush .. won't you look at the mirror
I see a .. eyes thats why a ..
And if you do thats shit thats scarier
.. accomplish the impossible what obstacles of my day
..oh no they come to critics but not from the magazines
I mean the blocks ..soon as the .. my favor
No try to break down my character like i ain't ..to touch
..and it hurt my soul to hear a nigga that i know talking bad
Tryin to play me like we had ..gun fights for many bites
In the .. clips with no ..

So i was driving phone last night 110 free ..
And i look up and this is something
Love your friends and love your family
And i thought to myself why ..these words so ..
Love friends and family
I mean if .. involved other friends .. and why ..
Its kind like we all forgot the true definition of love to begin with
The one thing i so know i can be ..somebody else does to us
With all ..
So instead of sayin thats my friend thats my family and its love
Ima say this to yall
So many worlds we say in vain
What are we ..the same
People never change
Truth won't be the same

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