Terry Allen - Cocktails for Three Lyrics

release date: 1978
length: 2:53
Cocktails for three
Oh it's gettin' to me
Yeah passin' afternoons
Sittin' in these cocktail rooms
Ah from nine to five
I'm in the pink
'Cause after work
We go for a drink

He shows up every time
Just as I clink
Your daiquiri to mine
Oh cocktails for three
It's not natural to me
Hey not for me and you
Should be, cocktails for two
Just sittin' here with that fellow and you
Tryin hard to act mellow, when I'm blue

Ah whoo-whoo
Cocktails for three
It's too kinky for me
Best let it go and be done
Just stick to, cocktails for one
Now he's just another lonely business man
Sittin in a lonely business land
His story is on every jukebox
And his life, like his drinkin'
Is on the rocks

His life, like his drinkin'
Is on the rocks

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