Mastah of Shock (Angerfist remix) Lyrics - Tha Playah

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Release information
Release Date: 2009-11-28
Genre: Electronic
Style: Hardcore/Gabber
length: 5:57
remixer: Angerfist
Master, disaster [?x]

One (one!), two (two!), three (three!), four (four!)
Who's the master knocking at my door!

Master, disaster [4x]
Disaster [2x]

Cause I'm the host of disaster, the master of shock!
Check it out y'all, check it check it out


Fire! Fire! Fire! My voice gets higher and higher
You said I'm not the man, you g______ liar

Spam! [3x]
Ain't the move it's imitation ham!
Ham is pork and the pork is foul
Cut it like a pig and that ain't my style, style, style, style

Cause I'm the host of disaster, the master of shock!

Two, one [5x]
Two, one, two [2x]
One (one), two (two), three (three), four (four)
Cause I'm the host of disaster, the master of shock!


Spit in the crowd
Spit in the crowd and curse, curse
Spit in the crowd and curse at the ref
Scream on the mic till you all go deaf


I hate a sucker boy in the skirt and shirt
Trying to act hard but he just don't work
You'd better step left or you might get hurt
Punched in the face and kicked in the dirt

Master, disaster [?]

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