Who Sang Shake It? The 2 Live Crew

Release information
Release Date: 2004-6-29
"OK man, are you ready to go?"
"I'm ready to go, now c'mon now, crank this m_________er up!"

Mr. Mixx:

Brother Marquis:
All you raggedy-a__ hoes, GET Y'a__ OUUUUT!

Chorus(2x): Mr. Mixx and Marquis
Pump, pump, pump, get it, get it
Shake, shake, shake, shake a lil' somethin'
That's the way (Yeaaaah)
That's the way (You go girl!)

Verse 1: Brother Marquis
b____, I wanna see you shake it
Bend on over, b___-a__ naked
Now pump pump pump, get it get it
I got 135 beats a minute
It's your brother, Marquis, callin' all the freaks
To show the pink and the booty-cheeks
Stick from the bottom, stick from the top
Show me a shot, lemme see what you got
Rub that a__ and play with that c___
I'm still with that freaky s___
One time for the girls in Georgia,
Detroit, Michigan and Miami, Florida
That's how we make our music fast
'Cause the girls down South like to shake that a__!
They so fine, I can't take it
They gots to freak it, they gots to shake it


Verse 2: Fresh Kid Ice
I love the way the girls be shakin'
Especially when they b___-a__ naked
Bend on over, show me what you got
'Cause I'm down for a table-top
So work your body, strip left side
Make me smile, get buck-wild
'Cause Fresh Kid Ice got the flow
And now is the time to come get yours
Freaky s___ is what I like,
Especially when them b____es d___s
So shake that a__, and b____, don't stop
Come on, girl, just make me hot
'Cause I'm down for the 69
You better get yours 'cause I gets mine
Show what you got; b____, stop frontin'
Drop them draws and shake a lil' somethin'!


Verse 3: Brother Marquis
I love to see 'em in lingerie
Tattooed t__ties and a Boosty-A
Stacked on the back of a cutie pie
Bend over, let me see you do the b___erfly
So impressin' when undressin'
You got me stressin', b____, stop flexin'
Keep shakin' that a__ at me
Pop that coochie, freak so nasty
Double up on the table top
Hit them switches now make that a__ drop
Girl, get wide open
Up and down with an in-and-out motion
Them other kings, they ain't did nothin'
You wanna get freaky? Lemme kiss your belly b___on
You're so fine, I can't take it
You gots to freak it, you gots to shake it!


[MM] To the left...
[BM] Yeahhhhh! Get it get it!
[MM] To the right y'all!
[BM] C'mon now, pump, pump, pump, pump, pump, pump ...
[MM] To the front ...
[BM] Heyyyy! Get it, get it!
[MM] To the back y'all! Make time!
[BM] Pump, pump, pump, get it, get it

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