Jolene Lyrics - The 4 of Us

Release information
Release Date: 1989-9
length: 4:36

Raised in the heart of a small town
Brought up in a country torn in two
Indifferent to the plots and the people
She decided what to do
Well I’ve had enough of you

Jolene, Jolene
Jolene and the rock machine
Jolene, Jolene
There’s no mistake don’t underrate us

We met in London ‘82
She was broke and she knew it
But with her music she could prove that
Well despite all she lacked
She could fight her own way back
But success doesn’t breed conviction
And politics for her was just a tool
As a bluff to deflect self-interest
Publicise your care with words thrown here and there

You know what they say of ambition
It turns the head of those that it knows
And as she was laid
Her epitaph was read
She never gave damn about the ordinary man

Jolene, Jolene
Jolene and the rock machine
Jolene, Jolene
What had you found when you turned it all around

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