Who Sang Yesterday Is Here? The Alter Boys

Release information
Release Date: 2005
length: 10:13
we took you down off of the cross
and shot your ashes into s***e
oh what a waste of time to believe
you would ever come back to life
the resurrections were all faked
as the earth trembled and quaked
and all the stars fell from the sky
and the pagans began to smile and sing
You remind me of a wolf in jesus skin
I think its safe to say the drugs are kicking in
as you begin to howl under the Baltimore moon
as you begin to shapeshift into a christ-like cartoon

Well I remember when all the idiots and hordes
they stood tall like matadors
on the eye of the conviction
and the gruesome crucifixtion
inside the hourglass of time
hollow futures will unwind
into the ghosts that haunt the past
but it never seems to last
I see you standing there
your hands running through your hair
bleeding on the country side
underneath a bright red sky
It's warm inside your broken heart
I know that I never want to leave
the sweetest sting of pains
unlike anything I've ever felt before
seconds before the shotgun blast
ignites straight into your head
save the last dance for your dying bride
until the horsemen drag you away

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