Sunshine Lyrics - The Archies

The Archies Sunshine cover art
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Writer(s): Ki Wan Kim, N 72, N Hyorin, N Lazy Dog, Yeon Jae Min, Mandy Ventrice
Release Date: 2012-8-8
length: 3:15
hey little girl stand right there sun is shining in your hair hey oittle girl don't you move hey, my heart and i approve

chorus: whoa, whoa, whoa, your'e my sunshine don't you know i love you, love you shine your love on me shien your sunshine by the stars above you i love you, truly love you

hey little girl hold me tight fall in love on a summer night hey let me walk you by the sea what's good for you is good for me, yeah


and i just wanna tell you that you're super fine whoa, oh i do believe its you that makes the sun to shine whoa, oh whoa, oh hey little girl let it show want the whole wide world to know let it show so they can see just how easy love can be yeah


your'e my sunshine your'e my sunshine don't you know i love you (girl i love you) love you shine your love on me ooh hoo you're my sunshine.....repeat till end

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