This Is Love Lyrics - The Archies

Release information
Writer(s): Ritchie Adams, Robert Levine
Release Date: 1971
Genre: Pop
Style: Bubblegum/Vocal
length: 2:27
This is love and there's no mistaking
My heart is aching
Just thinking of this is love
And the whole world's shakin' baby
This is love.
You and I took a leap and we made it
Now look at the new state of mind we created
I can't even walk down the street without telling the world
The way I feel woah.
Look at you
You're as happy as I
In a dream coming true that no one says goodbye in
The pieces are falling together like magic
The song is so in tune woah.
Who's making everything all right
You and the way you hold me tight
This is love and there's no denying
My heart is flyin' high enough
This is love and I feel like crying
Baby this is love

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