Who Sang Trip to Greece? The Arrogant Worms

The Arrogant Worms Toast! cover art
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Release Date: 2004
length: 2:43
There's nothing good on the T.V (On his trip to Greece)
And there's no toga parties (On his trip to Greece)
So I see the ruins there (On his trip to Greece)
They could sure use some repair (On his trip to Greece)

The first day all I eat is lots and lots of souvlaki
For it's the only word that I can speak
But it goes right through me, which is bad, because Greek
Plumbing peaked in 400 B.C

Get souvenirs for my Ma (On his trip to Greece)
That were made in China (On his trip to Greece)
Then down to the beach I go (On his trip to Greece)
To see something cultural (On his trip to Greece)

For I had heard the girls sunbathe in the European way
A bigger fan of that you'll never find
When I see that it's true, I take off my top too
My pasty body making them all blind

I get water in my ear (On his trip to Greece)
Which makes it kind of hard to hear (On his trip to Greece)
It isn't bad 'cause already (On his trip to Greece)
All they say is Greek to me
He thinks this joke is so funny
That he says repeatedly (On his trip to Greece)

I thought I drank a bottle full of water but it was ouzo,
Now I'm going to pass out in the sand
Oh, if once again the mood hits me to go to some foreign country
I am going to go to Disneyland

CD 1
  • 1 Life on the Road
  • 2 'I Like Toast'
  • 3 New Car Smell
  • 4 'Waltz, Waltz, Waltz'
  • 5 Hot Dog Song
  • 6 Little Cuban Friend
  • 7 I Am Not American
  • 8 'Allies Land in Normandy'
  • 9 The Golf Song
  • 10 'All the Lego in Scandinavia'
  • 11 I Pulled My Groin
  • 12 'So Disappointed by You All'
  • 13 Bottle of Booze
  • 14 'Circulation Man'
  • 15 Head in the Freezer
  • 16 The Monkey Song
  • 17 'Take Your Shirt Off'
  • 18 Particle Board
  • 19 Shipwreck Balladeer
  • 20 The Coffee Song
  • 21 'We're Very Ethnic'
  • 22 Trip to Greece
  • 23 Wolfe Island Ferry
  • 24 'Thank You Very Much'

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    country(area): Canada
    format: CD
    barcode: 776127231527
    script: Latin