Who Sang Deviant Ingredient? The B‐52s

The B‐52s Funplex cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2008-3-25
Genre: Rock Pop
Style: Alternative Rock/Surf/Rock & Roll
length: 4:51
vocal: Kate Pierson, Cindy Wilson and Fred Schneider
mixer: Dan Austin
recording engineer: Dan Austin
bass: Tracy Wormworth
guitar: Keith Strickland
programming: Keith Strickland and Pete Davis
drums (drum set): Zachary Alford
keyboard: Keith Strickland
writer: Fred Schneider, Kate Pierson, Cindy Wilson, Keith Strickland
Heading down that martini mile
It's a shallow existence, but oh yeah
I need it, I want it
I got to have it

Neon scene on Martini Mile
Pink lady with a blue smile
Show me yours and I'll show you mine

Oh man it's love this time
Sun sinking bright red
We've got that deviant ingredient

Strip naked soul soup, delirious
Oh, the deviant ingredient
So sensuous, delirious, so sensuous
Delirious experience

Strip naked soul soup
Oh, the deviant ingredient.
So sensuous, delirious, so sensuous
Deviant ingredient

Champagne cocktails on my table
Ciggie butts in the ashtray
Crew cuts and bouffants, expectations
Listen to the xylophone play

There's a daisy chain in the drivin' rain
They do the slow Boogaloo and the Shang-a-Lang
It's the yin and yang Shang-a-Lang
Slow Boogaloo is what they do

With the deviant ingredient
Got the deviant ingredient

I got to have it
I got to have it
Have it
Have it

[Pink helicopter sequence]

I am now an eroticist
I am a fully eroticized being
No more neuroses
I found my strip naked soul soup
With the deviant ingredients


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  • 2 Hot Corner
  • 3 Ultraviolet
  • 4 Juliet of the Spirits
  • 5 Funplex
  • 6 Eyes Wide Open
  • 7 Love in the Year 3000
  • 8 Deviant Ingredient
  • 9 Too Much to Think About
  • 10 Dancing Now
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