The Beach Boys - Steamboat Lyrics

writers: Dennis Wilson, Jack Rieley
release date: 1973-1-8
genres: Rock Children's
styles: Pop Rock/Spoken Word
length: 4:36
producer: Carl Wilson and Dennis Wilson
The river's a bed of sweet berries and flowers
Banks of thirsty lies
(Please be careful)
The stream is an eyeglass of heroes
Bridged with bright replies
The creek is a funnel of forgiveness
Winning every prize
Steamboat of living ever faithfully ride

The river's a dream in a waltz time
Banks of jasper glaze
(Have a ball and sing)
The stream is a timepiece of children
Bridged with crystal haze
The creek is a trumpet of hard times
Blowing tasty days
Steamboat of living ever faithfully glide

Don't worry mister Fulton
We'll get your steamboat rollin'

Track Listing
12" Vinyl 1
  • 1 Sail On, Sailor
  • 2 Steamboat
  • 3 California Saga: Big Sur
  • 4 California Saga: The Beaks of Eagles
  • 5 California Saga: California
  • 6 The Trader
  • 7 Leaving This Town
  • 8 Only With You
  • 9 Funky Pretty